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It sounds like we might know when to expect Alan Wake 2, as the voice actor behind the titular character said it’s “supposed” to release this October.

Alan Wake 2 was announced about a year and a half ago, and we haven’t seen or heard much about it since then. We know it’s meant to be developer Remedy Entertainment’s first survival horror game (the first is more of an action game), and that it’s supposed to release this year, but we’re still waiting to see the game itself. While we’ll still have to wait a bit longer to get a look at the game – though perhaps not too much longer with Not-E3 season coming up – it appears that voice actor Matthew Porretta, who portrays the titular Wake, may have confirmed an October release window.

Poretta recently appeared on the Monsters, Madness and Magic podcast where he was interviewed about a range of topics, including Alan Wake. “I’ve been working on it, Poretta said about the sequel. “That’s supposed to come out in October. We’re in the middle of working on it now.” He also noted he was in Finland last week to work on the game, and called Remedy “amazing people.”

We know Poretta is pretty close to the heart of Remedy, with him being the lead of Alan Wake and also having an important role in Control, a title also set in the same universe as the former, so obviously outside of Remedy he’s one of the few people who do know when the game will release. An October release window makes sense considering, you know, it’s a horror, but game development is fickle so don’t take it as gospel.

It was also recently confirmed that Alan Wake 2 is moving towards its final production stage, which also lends some credence to an October release. Maybe good old Geoff Keighley will tell us sometime soon.

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