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In times of economic uncertainty and big tech companies laying off staff left and right, there’s room only for people working with AI. After all, AI is all the craze lately and big corporations don’t want to be left behind. That’s why Apple is following the footsteps of other tech firms and has opened a total of 176 new positions related to machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Apple is hiring people to work on its own AI-powered products

Pocket-lint reports that 68 of those positions are within the Siri department, 52 will work with iOS and 46 are related to macOS. Other jobs will require working with more than one product.

Apple isn’t keeping it a secret either. During the most recent earnings call, the spokesperson for Apple noted that the company is approaching AI in a deliberate and thoughtful manner. In fact, inside sources say that Apple has restricted the usage of AI chatbots to prevent sensitive information from going public.

Apple has already scheduled a special event for June 5 focused on AR/VR, but we might get to hear something about AI too.


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