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Apple didn’t say much in the way of tech specs when it unveiled the Vision Pro headset, aside from the relative resolution of the dual displays being more than 4K.

But a session on spatial computing at the WWDC revealed the refresh rate of the Vision Pro. The presenter in the video says that the Vision Pro will run at “usually 90 frames a second”. That puts the 90Hz Vision Pro between the base 60Hz iPhones and Apple’s 120Hz ProMotion devices like the iPhone Pro, iPad Pro, and MacBook Pro.

Apple Vision Pro will run at 90Hz most of the time

However, it seems the Vision Pro can go slightly further than 90Hz – up to 96Hz. The ramp-up will happen when the user is watching a 24fps video – since it can divide evenly into 96Hz thus eliminating frame jitter.

We’re sure to continue getting these tiny little tidbits of information about the Vision Pro as its launch gets closer.

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