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Vertigo Games has announced Arizona Sunshine 2, a sequel to one of the earliest breakout VR success stories that is set to come to PlayStation VR 2 and PC VR later this year.

A VR zombie shooter, Arizona Sunshine 2 looks to be picking up the story of the original, with the dark-humoured protagonist fighting through even more zombies. You’re not alone this time, with Buddy being your new four-legged companion. Hopefully you can pet him?

Compared to the original game, there will be some brand new weapons alongside your returning staples of shotguns, machetes, flamethrowers and more. There’s a new melee combat system that will really ramp up the potential for gore, tapping into the power of the PS5 and modern PCs.

Arizona Sunshine set an early benchmark for what shooters in VR could be like. In our review, Jim said, “If you’re serious about PlayStation VR and love first person shooters, Arizona Sunshine is a no-brainer. Mowing down mobs of the undead is immensely satisfying with a great spread of weapons and plenty of opportunities to have some fun. The campaign is well-paced, supplying small but welcome diversions to break up the action with little morsels of story here and there.”

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