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Baten Kaitos I and II HD Remaster will be releasing on September 15th for Nintendo Switch, Bandai Namco has confirmed. This remaster will add new improvements over the original releases including encounters-off, auto-battle, skip cutscenes, and auto-save. The Baten Kaitos I and II HD Remaster will also allow the game and battle speed to be upped by 300%. Encounter off means that if you need a break from battles then you can turn them off while exploring.

The description says, “Baten Kaitos I and II HD Remaster will allow both original players and newcomers to again discover the endearing and emotional journey that awaits them in both Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean, and Origins. In the first story, follow Kalas in his quest for revenge for the death of his loved ones, and then dive deeper into the secrets of the Alfard Empire alongside Sagi in the sequel.”

Baten Kaitos I and II HD Remaster was announced during the Nintendo Direct in February. Today, Nintendo confirmed the June Nintendo Direct will be taking place June 21st. It will be at 5PM UK time (6PM CEST, 10AM EDT, 7AM PDT) with 40 minutes of announcements and trailers that focus on the second half of 2023.

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