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If you’ve got your hands on a OnePlus 10 Pro and need a case, here are some of the best options available on the market.

The OnePlus 10 Pro might not be the latest or best smartphone in 2023. However, like its successor, the OnePlus 11, it still offers incredible value. Elements like the second-generation LTPO technology used in its 120Hz QHD+ AMOLED display, wireless charging, and other quality-of-life features even make it better than its successor in some ways.

Now, if you’ve recently picked one up, you likely want to protect it from any damage, and a protective case will go a long way in making this possible. Here, we’ve listed the best options available to help you pick the perfect one.


  • Product Image for SUPCASE UB Style for OnePlus 10 Pro

    Supcase UB Style for OnePlus 10 Pro

    Promoted Pick

    In partnership with SUPCASE

    The SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Style is the accessory to pair with your OnePlus 10 Pro if you want to showcase its back panel and still ensure the phone remains protected against accidents. It features a clear polycarbonate backplate and a black TPU bumper that provides SUPCASE’s highly rated protection. The case has a slim design that matches the base profile of the OnePlus 10 Pro quite well and doesn’t compromise in any manner, providing unhindered access to ports, buttons, and the Alert Slider.

  • Product Image of Spigen Tough Armor Rugged Case for OnePlus 10 Pro

    Spigen Tough Armor for OnePlus 10 Pro

    Inlaid Foam Protection

    Spigen Tough Armor combines three types of materials to form a case certified with the MIL-STD 810G-516.6 rating. It also incorporates the OEM’s proprietary Air Cushion Technology to ensure the corners are reinforced and absorb shocks from any impact. There is also a little kickstand that will allow you to prop up your phone.

  • dbrand GRIP OnePlus 10 Pro Case Product Image

    dbrand Grip Case for OnePlus 10 Pro

    Customizable & Colorful

    $50 $70 Save $20

    The dbrand Grip is an alternate case to consider if you’re looking for a rugged case with an unmatched level of customization. The accessory has a knurled border that’s perfect for gripping onto your phone, and the back is a polycarbonate material that plays well with the OEM’s skins, which helps with changing the look whenever you want.

  • Product Image for Spigen Ultra Hybrid Clear Case for OnePlus 10 Pro

    Spigen Ultra Hybrid for OnePlus 10 Pro

    Clear Case

    Spigen Ultra Hybrid Clear merges a TPU frame with a hard polycarbonate back panel to give you a clear case with great transparency. It comes in two SKUs, one with a black border and another that is completely clear. In terms of features, the case promotes its pronounced buttons and large port cutouts, which allow unhindered usage.

  • Product Image of Poetic Guardian Rugged Case for OnePlus 10 Pro

    Poetic Guardian OnePlus 10 Pro case

    Rugged & Clear

    The Poetic Guardian for OnePlus 10 Pro promises to add device impact-resistant protection. The frame on this accessory has prominent bezels to increase the amount of material between any surface and the phone itself. It has a more open look than the rugged Poetic Revolution, and is the option to consider if you want a clear case for harsh environments. It promises a high level of impact resistance and comes with a built-in screen protector.

  • Product Image of OtterBox Symmetry Series Rugged Case for OnePlus 10 Pro

    OtterBox Symmetry Series for OnePlus 10 Pro

    Premium Pick

    The OtterBox Symmetry Series case is plain matte black accessory with fortification provided by its use of polycarbonate and synthetic rubber. The case also has an inclusion of a silver-based additive that provides it with antimicrobial properties to prevent any degradation in the case. The Symmetry case features raised bezels and lips across the front and back to protect against damage from surfaces.

  • Product Image of Sandstone Bumper Case for OnePlus 10 Pro

    OnePlus Sandstone Black Case for OnePlus 10 Pro

    Unique Texture

    The Sandstone Bumper Case for OnePlus 10 Pro features a minimalistic style and has a slim profile that will protect your phone without tacking on too much bulk or jazz. The accessory uses a combination of polycarbonate and TPU in its construction. TPU in the bumper along all of its edges, and polycarbonate on the backplate. The accessory also provides a decent grip on the smartphone.

  • Product Image of Poetic Revolution Rugged Case for OnePlus 10 Pro

    Poetic Revolution OnePlus 10 Pro Case

    All Round Protection

    The Poetic Revolution for OnePlus 10 Pro promises to give your device an impact-resistant protective layer. The frame on this accessory features extra-large raised bezels to increase the amount of material between any surface and the device itself. There is also a large kickstand on the back that comes in handy to hold up your phone in portrait or landscape. The OEM also includes two frames, one with a screen protector and one without, if you wish to use your screen cover.

  • Product Image of Spigen Liquid Air for OnePlus 10 Pro

    Spigen Liquid Air Armor for OnePlus 10 Pro

    Best Value

    If the Sandstone Texture isn’t your cup of tea, the Spigen Liquid Layer is a nice TPU Case that you can pair with your OnePlus 10 Pro to help maintain its slim profile while adding protection that will keep the smartphone away from harm. It also doesn’t tack on additional weight and leaves the ports easily accessible.

Which case should you buy for OnePlus 10 Pro?

If you cannot pick between the options listed above, here are some of our thoughts on which cases you could rep on your OnePlus 10 Pro. First, if you’re looking to add protection to the device while showing off the phone’s color, the Unicorn Beetle Style is a great accessory to achieve the look. It offers the highly-rated resilience the brand is known for, and the clear back will not hide away the smartphone’s great back design.

But if you love to have more than one color visible and have some room for customization, the dbrand Grip is a sure shot choice. It’s compatible with a load of skins that not only offer a unique in-hand feel but are made with high-quality vinyl, which will last you for a while!

Lastly, if you’re looking for a rugged aesthetic, the Poetic Revolution is an accessory you can’t go wrong with! It features some sizable bezels that will deal with any impact that your smartphone faces, and the attachments available will come in handy if you ever find yourself in a rough environment.

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