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The Google Pixel 7 Pro launched in 2022, bringing a refined design and improved hardware. The new changes and its $899 price make it one of the most bang-for-the-buck devices available, even in 2023.

If you already own one or plan on buying a Pixel 7 Pro soon, a protective case should be on the list of Pixel 7 accessories you should buy! And to help you decide, here is a guide on the best protective cases for Pixel 7 Pro.

Best Rugged Case for Google Pixel 7 Pro

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Pixel 7 Pro

A flagship product for SUPCASE, the Unicorn Beetle Pro for the Pixel 7 Pro is at the top of our rugged case compilation for Pixel 7 Pro because of its multilayer design that plays well with additional attachments, which makes the accessory more useful.


When on your phone, it’ll add up to 20 feet of drop protection, meaning it’s capable of dealing with many types of accidents. An included tempered glass frame makes it easy to protect the curved display on the smartphone. Normally, it isn’t easy to find a protector that works well with curves. Also, if you’re one for enjoying media on smartphones, there’s the kickstand which allows for easy portrait or landscape placement. And coming to attachments, there’s the belt clip snap-on that you can use with the Unicorn Beetle Pro, making it easy to holster when required.

PBI SUPCASE UB Pro Pixel 7 Pro Case

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro (Pixel 7 Pro)

Promoted Pick

In partnership with Supcase

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro offers high-level protection for Pixel 7 Pro with a multilayer design that combines TPU and PC elements. There’s also a front frame with tempered glass attachment, in case you’d like 360-degree protection. On the back, a kickstand supports holding your phone up in portrait or landscape. SUPCASE even includes a holster attachment for convenient carrying.


  • PBI Spigen Tough Armor Pixel 7 Pro Case

    Spigen Tough Armor (Pixel 7 Pro)

    Built-in Kickstand

    Spigen Tough Armor improves upon the protection and features of the Rugged Armor by throwing a layer of foam into the mix and a kickstand on its back. Its multilayer construction includes a TPU middle piece on which you attach a plastic frame. The case is certified with the MIL-STD-810G rating and will protect your phone from severe falls.

  • PBI UAG Scout Pixel 7 Pro Case

    UAG Scout (Pixel 7 Pro)

    Simple & Protective

    UAG Scout for Pixel 7 Pro uses a lightweight composite to construct its rugged case, creating a product that can withstand falls and provide shock absorption for impact. It has a non-slip grip on its sides that extends to its back, ensuring you’ve held onto your device well. There’s also a lanyard attachment on its MIL-STD-810G 516.6 certified case if you like having your device tethered to your hand.

Best Thin Case for Google Pixel 7 Pro

Spigen Thin Fit Pixel 7 Pro

Topping our list of best thin cases for Pixel 7 Pro is the Spigen Thin Fit. The accessory features a simple build that combines TPU—used in its rim—and polycarbonate—found in its backing. The fact that it’s inexpensive and lightweight is part of the factors that help its case.

Now, the Thin Fit comes with multiple benefits. First off, it’ll help your device look minimal. With its glossy glass back and polished aluminum frame, the Pixel 7 Pro isn’t a device lacking sparkle. This accessory’s matte black or slightly bluish finish will help cover up the phone, avoiding fingerprints and the constant need to clean your phone.

The second advantage it poses is its low-profile build. It’s in the name that this is a thin-fit accessory, and as such, it will leave your Pixel 7 Pro feeling very similar to its original construction. Despite this design, Spigen states this accessory features its Air Cushion Technology which helps mitigate the impact of falls.


PBI Spigen Thin Fit Pixel 7 Pro Case Thin

Spigen Thin Fit (Pixel 7 Pro)


Spigen Thin Fit is a durable, thin, and light accessory for Pixel 7 Pro that combines two materials—TPU and polycarbonate—to offer good protection and a clean look. Like other Spigen accessories, it features the OEM’s proprietary Air Cushion technology, has tactile buttons, and proper port cutouts to ensure your device is safe and easy to interact with in daily use.

  • PBI Ringke Fusion Pixel 7 Pro Case Thin

    Ringke Fusion (Pixel 7 Pro)


    The Ringke Fusion is a minimalist case with a matte coating that helps differentiate it from the competition. The layer adds an element of fingerprint resistance and helps avoid streaks on the back. The case is worth considering if you want to show off your Pixel 7 Pro’s color slightly differently. It also includes a provision to attach lanyards if you’d like to personalize the accessory and increase usability.

  • PBI Spigen Liquid Air Pixel 7 Pro Case Thin

    Spigen Liquid Air (Pixel 7 Pro)

    TPU only

    The Liquid Air is another slim alternative from Spigen, but this accessory uses only TPU in its construction, avoiding the inclusion of polycarbonate. It has a soft-touch feeling in your hand, and the pattern design on the back does add some character to an otherwise plain accessory. This accessory even comes with the claim of military-grade protection.

Best Stylish Case for Google Pixel 7 Pro

iBlason Cosmo Pixel 7 Pro

Following the Spigen Thin Fit is the i-Blason Cosmo which brings the terms designer and protection into one piece. The accessory combines rugged protection elements with details to help your device stand out. i-Blason offers three different prints, Ameth (Purple), Marble (White and Pink), and Ocean (Blue), that feature a combination of patterns and colors on the back.

The accessory is rated for 10 feet of drop protection in terms of protection and has a TPU frame and built-in screen protector frame. Its build will protect the camera lenses from damage when placed on a surface or involved in an awkward fall.

PBI i-Blason Cosmo Pixel 7 Pro Case

i-Blason Cosmo (Pixel 7 Pro)

Promoted Pick

In parternship with i-Blason

The i-Blason Cosmo for Pixel 7 Pro combines the world of rugged protection with stylish elements, introducing patterns and designs that aren’t commonly seen with such accessories. The case offers built-in screen protection that helps prevent scratches and uses a thick TPU shell to protect against impacts.

Best Leather Case for Google Pixel 7 Pro

Pixel 7 Pro Bellroy Leather Case

If we look past designs and think of a material that can give an allure to a device, there’s no material other than leather, and the Bellroy Leather Case for Pixel 7 Pro is a minimaltic option that does just that! Bellroy is also part of the Made For Google program, which means its accessories are the ideal fit for your smartphone and many of the other accessories you’re likely to use it with, for example, any of the best USB-C chargers.

Coming back to the Bellroy Leather Case, the accessory comes in six different colors, each of which will complement the metal visor on the Pixel 7 Pro. And as you continue to use it, you will see it develop a patina that adds more character to the case.

PBI Pixel 7 Pro Bellroy Leather Case Black

Bellroy Leather Case (Pixel 7 Pro)

Premium Leather

The Bellroy Leather Case is a protective accessory for Google Pixe 7 Pro that’s part of the Made For Google program. It’s the best option available on the market if you’re looking for a slim leather case that not only protects your phone but doesn’t hamper its other features too!

Best Transparent Case for Google Pixel 7 Pro

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Transparent Pixel 7 Pro

Our favorite transparent case for Google Pixel 7 Pro is Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid, which like the Spigen Thin Fit, combines TPU and polycarbonate but leaves all components clear, allowing you to show off the colorway of your smartphone while keeping it safe from impact. On an alternate train of thought, the clear case also provides the perfect canvas for you to customize your smartphone with stickers, giving it a unique flair.

When it comes to keeping your phone safe, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid has raised bezels on the front and back to keep the display and camera off any surface you’ve placed your phone on. It also doesn’t compromise button tactility and smartphone features, as wireless charging and battery share are said to work without hiccups.

PBI Spigen Ultra Hybrid Pixel 7 Pro Case Thin

Spigen Ultra Hybrid (Pixel 7 Pro)

Crystal Clear

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid features the protective elements of the Thin Fit but with a transparent design that allows you to show off the color of your smartphone. The OEM also states the accessory comes with anti-yellowing technology, which applies to its hard PC backplate. In addition, raised bezels across the front and back will aid in keeping your device scratch-free.

Best Silicone Case for Google Pixel 7 Pro

Caseology Nano Pop Pixel 7 Pro

Last on this list is the Caseology Nano Pop which combines an easy-to-handle build and some fun colors. The dual-tone design of this accessory does a great job of combining contrasting shades, which increases the aesthetic appeal. Caseology even states the accessory maintains a slim profile, which helps with the aforementioned handling.

This silicone case is also certified for military-grade protection, meaning dropping your phone won’t always result in damage. Other characteristics of the case are its compatibility with screen protectors and wireless charging.

PBI Caseology Nano Pop Pixel 7 Pro Case Thin

Caseology Nano Pop (Pixel 7 Pro)

Colorful Silicone

The Caseology Nano Pop comes with all the benefits of a slim case but ups the ante when it comes to design. It features a dual-tone design that combines one subtle shade with an accent color that pops. Another advantage it boasts is its slim and lightweight design that’s still certified for military-grade protection against drops.


  • PBI Foluu Silicone Pixel 7 Pro Case Thin

    Foluu Silicone Case (Pixel 7 Pro)

    Cost Effective

    The Foluu Silicone Case for Pixel 7 Pro is the accessory to pick up if you want an affordable slim case that adds adequate protection and offers a great in-hand feel. It uses a layer of silicone on the outside that helps it remain grippy yet comfortable to hold. There’s also a microfiber lining on the inside to ensure the glass on your Pixel 7 Pro remains clean and scratch-free even after long periods of using the protective cover.

  • PBI Caseology Parallax Pixel 7 Pro Case

    Caseology Parallax (Pixel 7 Pro)

    Textured Design

    Caseology Parallax is an accessory that combines the elements from Spigen’s Rugged Armor with a more stylish design. It has a pattern on the back and textured sides improving your grip on the case. Raised bezels around its display and its camera array on the back offer additional protection. Caseology even mentions the case has military standard certifications.

Other Great Case Options for Pixel 7 Pro

  • PBI OtterBox Defender Pixel 7 Pro Case

    OtterBox Defender (Pixel 7 Pro)

    With Port Cover

    Made from 50% recycled plastic, the OtterBox Defender is a rugged case that will withstand and protect your smartphone from the worst of falls. It’s tested and certified with a MIL-STD-810G rating, promising drop protection up to four times its military rating. If you often find yourself working in rough environments, around a lot of rocks and sand, you’ll also be glad to see a port cover on the case.

  • PBI Incipio Grip Pixel 7 Pro Case

    Incipio Grip (Pixel 7 Pro)

    Textured Sides

    Incipio Grip offers 14-foot drop protection for your Pixel 7 Pro using the case manufacturer’s Impact Struts technology. The accessory wraps around your device, ensuring every edge is safe from damage and protected from any adverse impact. Although its primary selling point is the tiny x-shaped raised elements around the frame that help increase grip-ability. 

Google Pixel 7 Pro

Google Pixel 7 Pro

$699 $899 Save $200

The Google Pixel 7 Pro, powered by the new Google Pixel Tensor sensor, provides great graphics performance and computing power to let you easily play all of your favorite games and multitask. The device also has a highly capable camera setup that’s backed by a unique post-processing algorithm that helps achieve great results.

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