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According to a new report from Bloomberg News, Google is actively looking to move some of its Pixel smartphone production to India. According to people familiar with the matter, Google is in talks with Foxconn’s India branch – Bharat FIH, Dixon Technologies and Lava International as potential partners for Pixel phone production in India. India is quickly shaping up as a viable alternative to China for smartphone production after the negative impact of COVID and strict restriction policies.

Bloomberg: Google is looking to outsource Pixel phone production to India

Apple has shifted some of its iPhone production to India in recent years and has been assembling its iPhones locally dating back to 2017. Based on reports from earlier this year, Apple plans to move up to 25% of all iPhone production to India by 2025 and up to 50% by 2027. It will be interesting to see if Google and other makers are also willing to devote more of their manufacturing to India in the coming years.

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