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Bossa Games has revealed Lost Skies, an open world co-op adventure that takes place up among the clouds.

Lost Skies will feature survival adventuring for parties of 1-6 players, as you build up your own skyship, venture out from the last bastion of mankind, battling giant threats and weathering ferocious storms. As you explore in whatever direction you wish, you’ll uncover the mystery of how the world was torn apart, gaining advanced technology from previous civilisations to aid your continued survival.

One of the major appeals of the game will be the ability to fully customise your skyship, shaping the ship’s hull, placing parts freely and taking care to choose quality materials (so long as they aren’t too heavy. This will be both your home and warship when exploring.

And when you step off the ship, you’ll have a grappling hook to help you get around, using this as a key part of both traversal and combat.

A lot of this might sound somewhat familiar, for Bossa. Half a decade ago, the studio opened up Worlds Adrift into Early Access, an MMO filled with community generated sky islands, skyships, ship building, grappling hooks and more. You just have to quickly revisit my Worlds Adrift preview from 2018 to see some of the parallels.

Sadly Worlds Adrift was not long for this world, shutting down a year later, but it seems as though those gameplay ideas have continued to bubble away within Bossa and, with technology and game design advancing over the last five years, now Lost Skies is surfacing. We’ll be fascinated to see how this grows and develops, with Bossa keeping the same community-driven development approach.

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