Buying DLC for Game Pass and PS Plus titles can seem essential, but you're left owning content you can't use Leave a comment

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Nothing in this world is permanent. Everything goes away, in the end. We’re all going to die. Even the universe itself, ultimately, is running on a clock. Heat death is coming for us all. But, more immediately, we have to contend with things we love dearly cycling in and out of our chosen subscription services. Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown leaves Netflix, Final Fantasy 13 leaves Game Pass, all the worthwhile PlayStation exclusives leave the it-was-never-permanent PS Plus Collection. Life goes on. We learn. We grow.

I am a massive Monster Hunter fan. Long-time readers of the site may know this by now; I can’t seem to shut the hell up about it. For my sins, I own the massive and very good expansion to Monster Hunter Rise, Sunbreak, no less than three times – on Switch, on PC, and now on Xbox. After the game was added to Xbox Game Pass at the start of the year, I thought I’d jump back in again… little did I know I’d get hooked (again) and go as far as owning the DLC for a third time. I have a problem, yes, but that’s not what this piece is about.

Owning the DLC but not the main game puts me in a weird space when it comes to being able to access content I own… given that I access the base game via Game Pass, but now I have a paid expansion on my account, that means that when Capcom inevitably rotates Rise out of the service, I will be left with £30+ of DLC that I cannot access. Unless I swing for the base game out of my own wallet. Which feels kinda counter-intuitive to what Game Pass is trying to achieve with its all-you-can-eat buffet promises.

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