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Game Boy Advance title Fire Emblem will be available for everyone with a Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership starting June 22.

Also known as Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, Fire Emblem was the first installment in the series to launch outside of Japan. It also marked the debut of the hero Lyn, who you may know as the Emblem of Blazing from Fire Emblem Engage.

Featuring the tactical combat and intrigue-filled storytelling the series is known for, in Fire Emblem, the nation of Lycia is on the verge of going to war after centuries of peace.

Noble houses are plotting treason, allies have become enemies, and armies stand at ready for combat while a mysterious figure manipulates empires from the shadows.

As Lyn, you along with Eliwood and Hector, must amass an army to fight back against forces that want to destroy everything and burn the world to ash.

Throughout the story, you’ll gather other heroes to your side, and train them to use an array of weapons and classes so they can use these skills on the battlefield. In battle, you can strategize using a variety of terrain and conditions and then take command of the field. You can lead your units to victory by fulfilling specific objectives, but know that if your soldiers meet their end on the battlefield, they’re gone forever.

Fire Emblem will be the latest GBA title to join the growing library of classic games for Switch. If you do not have an online membership, you can get a free seven-day Nintendo Switch Online trial by visiting the Nintendo Switch Online section on the Nintendo Switch HOME Menu.

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