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We finally have our first look at inXile’s previously unannounced RPG. It’s called Clockwork Revolution, and it’s coming to PC and Xbox “in due time.” That release target is quite cheeky, because this is a time-bending game.

The trailer has a decent chunk of gameplay, but it mainly sets up what sounds like a very interesting premise.

Clockwork Revolution is new, and exciting!

Clockwork Revolution takes place in Avalon, a sort-of steampunk city where your character discovers a time-travelling device, you go back to the past to realise that the city was built by manipulating historical events.

It looks like the gameplay will happen in both realities, and inXile says your actions in the past will have unknown effects on the future, which includes how the people of Avalon react.

Clockwork Revolution does not have a release date or target, so it’s a fair ways away.

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