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Resolution Games has released the first trailer for Demeo Battles, the PvP spin-off to their rather good tabletop role playing video game. Demeo Battles is coming out later this year for Meta Quest and Steam (where it’s playable in both VR and flat screen).

Demeo Battles takes the same tabletop role playing board game style as the original game and twist it from a co-op game into a competitive PvP game. Whether playing 1v1 or 2v2, every player picks a hero character class and then dives into the card-based dice rolling action.

The twists that enable this to be a compelling PvP game are that players don’t just pick their hero, but also select some special action cards and select monsters to back them up. Once battle starts you only control your character, not the monsters, which will act according to their own AI rules. You, meanwhile, will play cards on each turn to deal damage, heal allies and cast magic spells as you fight for victory.

One final twist is “The Burn”, a deadly wash of fire and brimstone that will encroach on the map each turn, just like in a Battle Royale.

As with regular Demeo, Demeo Battles is playable in VR, where it’s at its sure to be most immersive, but can also be enjoyed while playing on a flat screen on TV. It’s currently coming to Meta Quest and PC, but we hope there’s a PlayStation 5 and PSVR 2 release soon after.

Looking back on the original game, we reviewed Demeo with its PSVR 2 release earlier this year. I said, “Demeo is a fun and accessible digital board game, evoking games like HeroQuest with its turn-based dungeon-crawling. In VR it’s a pleasingly tactile experience that’s great to share with co-op friends, but if you need or prefer to play on a TV screen? Well that’s still good too.”

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