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If you’ve wanted to learn more about Destiny lore, then here’s your chance. Over at Humble Bundle, they are flogging Destiny Grimoire volumes 1 to 5 at a heavily discounted price, all in the name of charity. All proceeds will be donated to the Bungie Foundation.

Since Bungie launched the behemoth shooter almost a decade ago, fans have had to look to these tomes for more details on Destiny’s world, history, and characters. They have also been picked apart by content creators who have, in turn, crafted Destiny lore overviews and explainers, some of which are many hours long in total.

As with any Humble Bundle, you’re buying these items at a heavy discount. Typically, each Destiny Grimoire fetches around £20 – you can get all 5 volumes – and a 15% Bungie store coupon – for just over £7. Of course, these versions of the books are ePubs only. If you simply want to dip your toes into some Destiny lore, you can grab the first volume for under £1.

What’s the latest happening in Destiny 2? Bungie plans to reveal the future of their franchise later this year, debuting expansion “The Final Shape” during a Destiny showcase on August 22, 2023.

Destiny lore overview

The story of Destiny is set in a future where Earth’s civilisation has fallen, and a mysterious alien entity known as the Traveler has arrived, ushering in a golden age of technological advancement. However, this age of prosperity is short-lived as a dark force called the Darkness emerges, causing the collapse of human societies and leaving only remnants scattered across the solar system.

As Guardians, players must defend the last safe city on Earth, known as the Tower, and venture into various planets and moons to combat hostile alien races like the Cabal, Fallen, Hive, and Vex. Along the way, players uncover the secrets of the Traveler, its connection to the Guardians, and the ongoing battle between Light and Darkness.

The game’s expansions and subsequent sequels further expand upon the story, introducing new threats, allies, and revelations that continue to shape the destiny of the Guardians and the fate of the universe.

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