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Blizzard is working on a rather large update to Diablo 4, one that will have at least 13 pages worth of patch notes.

You better make a cup ahead of time and grab a cookie or two to go with it, we reckon.

Blizzard discusses some of the changes coming to Diablo 4 with the first big patch.

According to a recent campfire chat featuring general manager Rod Fergusson and game director Joe Shely, the Diablo team discussed with the community some of the changes it is making the game. Many of the changes coming with the update include quality-of-life adjustments and more unique drops for classes such as the Druid.

You can also expect an increase to the amount of XP you get from Nightmare Dungeons, and the team will also modify how sigils work. Once the patch is released, sigils will teleport you to Nightmare Dungeons upon use.

Along with a couple of changes to Nightmare Dungeons, you can expect plenty of fixes especially to disconnects; gems will be moving over to the materials tab; farming nerfs will be appplied; you can expect character buffs; and the materials cap will be increased.

As far as disconnects are concerned, the situation has plagued many players in hardcore mode. Here, your character’s death results in permanent deletion. Because of disconnects, many players of hardcore mode have reported losing their characters from the server. Luckily, this will be fixes soon.

Since its release, the Dibalo team has released 11 hotfixes for the game, but this will be the first real patch to be administered.

Blizzard hopes to get the patch ready for release before season one rolls around sometime in mid-July.

Diablo 4 players have already spent 350 million hours playing the game, but Blizzard said the vast majority of players have yet to beat it since release on June 5.

If you have yet to pick the game up, you can grab it for PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. If you already have the game and are just getting started, have a look at our Diablo 4 beginner’s guidewhich will help you prepare for Hell.

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