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Despite Diablo 4 being officially out for less than 24 hours, Blizzard has revealed it is already their fastest-selling video game ever. 

Diablo 4 is officially Blizzard’s fastest selling game of all time. This news comes courtesy of a Tweet posted by the official Diablo Twitter page earlier today.

This is an epic feat considering Diablo 4 only fully launched on June 6 (and in early access on June 2).

Diablo 4 Is Officially Blizzard’s Fastest Selling Game Ever 

“The fires of Hell burn bright”, the announcement reads alongside an accompanying photo of Lilith herself.

In a blog post posted alongside the announcement, Blizzard revealed that Diablo 4 has already been played for 93 million hours since early access launched. As a result, it has the “highest pre-launch unit sales ever on both console and PC.”

Although Blizzard didn’t reveal how many copies have been sold as of yet, we can assume it is an impressive number. Regardless, the team is still over the moon with this achievement. 

Credit: Blizzard

“This is a moment years in the making for the Diablo IV team,” said Rod Fergusson, general manager of Diablo. “We’re extremely proud to offer players the richest story ever told in a Diablo game. 

Players have a range of choices, including personal character customization, equipping personalized skills for battling horrific demons, or collecting Legendary loot to support your playstyle while discovering new ones.

Since the game was first announced in 2019, the support from millions of players around the world drove us toward this release of our dark vision of Sanctuary. Hail Lilith, Blessed Mother.”

An Impressive Feat

Early critic reviews for Diablo 4 saw the RPG receive rave reviews. Since its early access release, reviews continue to flood in praising the game’s epic storyline, exciting gameplay and overall improvements. 

However, some fans would like to see changes for the in-game shop. As it stands, cosmetics and items that are available to purchase are asking for a high price point.

Alongside an already expensive game and a future battle pass, Blizzard may be asking too much from its fanbase. 

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