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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom may be the game on everyone’s lips right now, but there’s more going on this weekend other than Link’s latest release if you are a Diablo 4 fan.

That’s right: the Sever Slam open beta is going on this weekend in the game amidst the Zelda craze.

Folks seemed to enjoy the game’s other betas. See for yourself.

The open beta kicked off yesterday at 12pm PT, 3pm ET, 8pm BEST, and 9pm CEST and runs through May 14. During this time, everyone on PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 can join – you can even play couch co-op for consoles. Cross-play and cross-progression for all platforms will also be enabled.

This beta aims to test the servers to ensure the game’s release goes as smoothly as possible.

Content includes the Prologue and entirety of Act One, which includes the first Zone, Fractured Peaks, and any of the five playable classes.

For those who played during the Early Access and open beta weekends, you should know any character progress made during those test weekends will not carry over to Server Slam. Additionally, all character progress made during Server Slam will not carry over to launch.

Your characters can level to 20, after which you will cease to gain Ability Points, but you can continue to play and earn gear. The Legendary Item drop rate was updated to reflect the drop rate that will be present in the launch version, and this version of the beta includes all recent bug fixes and updates.

Various activities are available, and there are also main quests, and side quests alongside World and Legion Events. Today, every three hours, you can go up against Ashava, a behemoth with two razor-sharp arm blades, scales stronger than plate mail, and hell-bent on ripping you apart. Ashava’s final spawn is on May 14 at 9am PT.

In-game rewards can be earned during playtime, and can be used once Diablo 4 releases on June 6.

Have fun, and raise some hell.

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