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Been waiting to see what Dragon’s Dogma 2 looks like in its pure, gameplay form? Well then you’ve come to the right place, pawn, because Capcom has finally pulled back the veil on its highly-anticipated action-RPG.

Now that’s a trailer.

We first heard about Dragon’s Dogma 2 back in June 2022, when it was unvieled during the sort-of E3 week we enjoyed in the summer.

The game did not get a release date then and, I am sorry to say, it does not have one now, either.

If you want to get hype, here’s a quick breakdown of the game’s story. In poem form, no less.

The story begins in an underground gaol

where the Dragon’s voice echoes in the fog of lost memories.

Ascend, Arisen, and best me,

in accordance with the dogma of this world.

Betwixt the domains of human and beastren,

A hero must fulfill their forgotten destiny.

What dogma does your heart see through your eyes?

‘Tis a tale of one who shall slay the Dragon and claim the throne.


“The first title in the Dragon’s Dogma series initially launched in 2012,” says Ken Mendoza, promotion producer at Cacpom. “It gained popularity as a one-of-a-kind action-RPG thanks to its polished action and combat, as well as a unique system that made the player feel as if accompanied by others through pawns, mysterious otherworldly beings. Dragon’s Dogma 2 follows in its footsteps elevating these elements further to create a truly immersive fantasy world for your adventures ahead.”

The first Dragon’s Dogma originally came out in 2012, and it’s been something of a cult hit ever since. Directed by Hideaki Itsuno (you know, the king of style behind Devil May Cry), the game fused various genres and inspirations together to stand wholly on its own. The sequel looks set to follow in its lofty footsteps.

If you have never played Dragon’s Dogma – especially in a post-Elden Ring world – now might be a good time.

Take a look at that trailer again and tell me I’m wrong.

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