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Street Fighter 6 has been out for over a week now, and it turns out the most challenging foe online isn’t Honda mashing heavy headbutt or Brazilian Ken players, but Drive Impact. For those new to the game, or nearing the age of forty, reacting to this new attack is proving troublesome.

For those who don’t know, Drive Imapct is a hard hitting attack available to all players that can absorb several hits before slamming into the other fighter. If it hits them mid-attack, it stuns them. This as you can imagine leads to a lot of damage, made even worse if it happens to slam them in the corner. As such, it’s very important to avoid, throw, or counter a Drive Impact with your own Drive Impact.

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The problem is, this attack tends to come out quite quickly! Players can throw out a Drive Impact whenever they like, and if you aren’t looking out for it, you’ll need to react in around one second in order to punish it. Blocking it is fine, but not if you’re in the corner. It’s a whole new layer of stress for those out there who maybe aren’t used to reacting to fast-moving attacks. Since Street Fighter 6 has proven hugely popular, you can be sure a lot of those new to the genre are being eaten up by this.

The result? Salt – and lots of it. Spread across Twitter, Reddit, and other corners of the internet are numerious posts complaining about Drive Impact. Crying about other players spamming Drive Impact has become the new “stop throwing me bro”, a brand new battlefield for those who aren’t able to adapt to new features.

If you want an idea of whether something in a fighting game is just a scrub stomper of a genuine problem, look to the genre diehards and see if they’re also running into issues. Thanks to Japan-based player and influencer Majin Obama, we can see Drive Impact snatch the soul of even the genre’s most dedicated fans.

If you’re getting blown up online by Drive Impact abusers? Or, do you think people just need to focus up and mash that left bumper a little harder? Let us know below!

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