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The Garden of Eyes mod team, which is working on the Elden Ring overhaul mod, recently showed off an original Bloodborne-inspired boss created for the mod.

In a recently released 10-minute video, the team introduces you to Oedon, Lord of Cosmic Blood, who looks quite similar to the last boss in Bloodborne, the Elden Beast.

This particular boss fight has been in the works for four months, and according to the modders, it will not be an easy fight by any means.

Oedon was also partially inspired by the Lovecraftian god Yog-Sothoth from the Cthulhu mythos. There are two phases to the boss: the Primeval Current and the Lord of Cosmic Blood.

The team’s goal with the overhaul mod is to “greatly enhance the gameplay experience,” and will do this with new custom-made weapons, bosses, and mechanics. You can also expect new armor, mounts, talismans, areas, gun parrying, and much more.

One new weapon is the cool-looking Greatsword trick weapon, which turns into dual katanas named Raijin & Fujin. There’s also the massive, legendary weapon, the True Axe of Godfrey, the Greatsword-axe weapon Vengeance & Glory, and a curved greatsword, which is an amazing trick weapon named Whispering Terror that shifts between blood and glintstone-based attacks.

You can keep up with development on the overhaul mod through Twitter.

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