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Amazon’s latest deals will be fantastic for anyone looking to add more security to their homes, office, or anywhere else, as you can currently pick up a new eufyCam 2C 4-Cam Kit wireless security system for just $300, thanks to a 29 percent discount. This four-camera kit usually sells for $420, but today’s steal will let you keep $120 in your pocket. This kit features four cameras with a long-lasting battery that will go for up to 180 days without having to recharge.


eufyCam 2C Pro 4-Cam Kit
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eufyCam 2C Pro 4-Cam Kit

eufy Security, eufyCam 2C Pro 4-Cam Kit comes with four 1080p cameras with a 180-day battery life, night vision, an IP67 rating, an other great features.


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eufy’s eufyCam 2C is also great because it’s a perfect addition to the eufy Security Ecosystem, so you can keep your information in your home without having to pay extra for other services. You get three months of local storage, smart image enhancement via AI, detailed night vision, and an IP rating that will help your investment withstand anything nature throws at it.

Now, you can also opt for the more affordable two-camera kit that sells for $214, thanks to an 11 percent discount. This option includes two eufyCam 2C models, plus the same great features that come with the four-camera kit. and if you want to keep an eye on your kids or pet or just want to know what goes on inside your home, you can also consider adding the S220 Indoor Cam 2-Cam Kit to your cart. This option includes human and pet AI, voice assistant compatibility, motion tracking, and 2K video recording.

Finally, you can also score some interesting savings on the eufy Security S220 SoloCam by adding promo code SOLARCAMS220 at checkout. This model sells for $130, but add the promo code and take one home for $100, meaning you get to score $30 on your purchase. This is an excellent choice for those who don’t want to worry about the battery in their cameras draining out, as this solar security camera will get you continuous power, wireless functionality, and 2K video.

And if you’re looking for more affordable alternatives, I strongly recommend you check out the EZVIZ C3WN security camera for outdoors. This model normally sells for $50, but you can take one home for just $30 with the latest savings. You get night vision, water and dust resistance, motion detection, and other cool features without breaking the bank.

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