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Exoprimal got some love during the Capcom Showcase livestream last night as the world got another trailer and plenty of battlepass and pre-order rewards.

The game, releasing on July 14 this year, is Capcom’s next big venture into the live service space. While there was initial frustration from those thirsty for a new Dino Crisis, the game has built up its own community of excited dino hunters following an open beta period and continuous marketing.

You can check out this new trailer for Exo Primal right here.

Lets break down those bonuses. For those who pre-order Exoprimal, they’ll get three skins for the Witchdoctor, Deadeye, and Roadblock exosuits. A simple but rather classic package for early adopters, especially when compared for other games given love during the not-E3 seasion, like Forza and its five day early access.

Then you’ve got the Exoprimal deluxe edition, which comes with the base game, the Head Start kit and the premium season 1 battle pass. That Head Start Kit gives you exosuit skins for the Vigilant, Murasame, and Nimbus suits. It also gives you some early unlock tickets, allowing you to quickly acquire more skins when the game first drops.

That battlepass is packed full of rewards for premium owners, it turns out. The premium pass will net you:

  • 19 exosuit skins
  • 10 weapon skins
  • 3 decals
  • 4 emotes
  • 2 stamps
  • 10 players tag emblems
  • A player tag background

Owners of the free battle pass can still expect some nice prizes, but it’s made clear in the trailer that the overwhelming amount of stuff is thrown at those who spend a bit of cash. That’s the live service way!

Whether Exoprimal will prove successful remains uncertain. On one hand, we’re firmly in a period of live serive burnout, with numerous people who’d have jumped into a new multiplayer game years ago lacking that passion for big time sink. Not to mention, the base game will run you £50 or your regional equivalent, in spite of it’s traditionaly free-to-play model for future content.

However, with the microtransaction model, it’s not like Exoprimal has to bring in a massive audience to keep the lights on. A smaller community will to buy the passes may be enough to keep the game going in the long run. Also, while a very base and simple point, it’s got a distinct vibe than the sea of multiplayer cooperative shooters right now. Maybe that’s enough to tick boxes over at Capcom HQ. Plus it’s on Game Pass!

Will you be jumping into Exoprimal next month? Or is it a hard pass for you? Let us know below!

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