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For the King 2 goes into closed beta next week, and you can sign up to take part now through Steam.

The closed beta runs May 10-16 and will test the game’s multiplayer functionality, an important part of what makes the game fun to play.

In this For the King 2 video, you get a closer look at Fahrul 20 years after the first game’s events.

IronOak games have been testing it with a small group of alpha players; however, the upcoming beta will help the team understand how the game performs live with significantly more players and all of the variables that come with the real-world experience.

Expect that you may have some stability issues and you may discover gameplay bugs, but reporting such issues will go a long way to helping the team polish the game.

Building upon the original title’s blend of strategy, RPG combat, and roguelike elements, For the King 2 offers new biomes to explore, an updated art style, and a brand-new original soundtrack. In it, you will be transported deep into Fahrul, where you will be led further than before into this land of adventure.

The world of Fahrul is ever-changing and features several character and item combinations and procedurally generated maps, quests, loot, and events.

With a greater focus on strategic decision-making, class, armor, and weapon customization, pick your battles carefully by arming your characters with the skills and gear needed to succeed.

As with For the King, you can play the sequel all by yourself or with two others, but this time out, you can play co-op with up to four players.

You can fight side-by-side with your friends or split up to claim all the loot for yourself that will help boost your abilities, tactical advantages, and synergies. The more you play, the more you permanently unlock items for your characters.

Also new to the game are Landboats and mercenaries, and pets. With the latter, you can recruit characters and animals to join your party.

A 2023 release date has yet to be set.

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