FTC sues Amazon for ‘unfairly charging’ consumers with Prime memberships Leave a comment

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What you need to know

  • The FTC is suing Amazon over “digital dark practices” on its platform.
  • Allegedly, Amazon has created turmoil for consumers by not giving clear indications if they are paying for their items only or if a Prime membership is entwined, as well.
  • Amazon apparently has created a “labyrinth-like process” when consumers try to cancel the membership they didn’t consent to.
  • The court case is pending further action in the State of Washington. 

Amazon is in the hot seat once again as the FTC takes action against its alleged “digital dark practices.” The FTC announced it has filed a lawsuit against Amazon for enrolling its consumers into its Prime membership without consent. Enrolling customers in a way such as this allegedly violates the FTC Act, as the government body stated in its post. 

Through its investigation, the FTC discovered Amazon used “dark patterns” to get more people to enroll by bombarding them with numerous chances to sign up for Prime. The FTC also notes that “consumers who attempted to cancel Prime faced a labyrinth-like process.”

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