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Google is currently rolling out a patch that fixes the overheating and battery drain issue reported by some users, particularly those using Pixel devices. The update is being rolled out server side and requires no user intervention.

Google fixes overheating and battery drain issue on Pixel

The issue was highlighted by reddit users on the Pixel subreddit, most of whom were using the current and previous generation of Pixel phones. The culprit seemed to be the Google app, which showed unusually high background usage in the battery statistics. Attempts to roll back or reset were unsuccessful.

Google also identified the Google app as the root cause of the issue as a result of a backend change to the app. The patch being rolled out fixes this very issue.

Google’s wording makes it seem as if all Android devices were affected by this issue rather than just the Pixel devices. However, we did not hear reports from users of other Android devices. Then again, our own Pixel devices never faced this issue, so it didn’t seem to be widespread in nature even on Pixel phones.

As of today, however, the issues seems to be resolved so you can rest easy if you were one of those who was affected.


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