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What you need to know

  • Google opens access to Search Labs for early U.S. testers.
  • Search’s generative AI gives people quick bits of the most important information to get them up to speed quicker.
  • Users can ask the AI software a follow-up question to a subject which births a more conversational experience.

Google is beginning to open access to its Search Labs experimental program. Google stated in a Keyword blog post that those interested in becoming early access testers can begin signing up for Search Labs. Those in the U.S. need only tap or click on the Labs icon in the Google app on Android and iOS (it looks like a beaker) or on desktop Chrome browsers to sign up. If you’ve been accepted, Google states you will be notified via email.

Search has already been teased to provide a generative AI-powered experience that aims to “take some of the work out of searching.” The Mountain View-based company states its generative AI software in Search can help users understand a complicated subject, and get up to speed with one they know little about, faster. This comes into play through Search’s new AI-powered snapshot that will break down larger topics into bite-sized pieces so you’re only seeing what matters to the subject for a more educated decision.

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