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If you asked us in 2022 whether we would end up having more competition in the Android tablet space, we probably would have scoffed at the idea. However, that would have been the wrong take completely, as not only is Google’s Pixel Tablet finally on the way, but OnePlus beat Google to the punch with the OnePlus Pad.

While there are some similarities between the Pixel Tablet vs. OnePlus Pad, these two tablets are aimed at different target audiences. So let’s dive in and see which of these tablets is worth your hard-earned cash.

Pixel Tablet vs. OnePlus Pad: Specs and performance

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Google Pixel Tablet

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Starting off with the Pixel Tablet, Google first showed off its tablet back at Google I/O 2022 alongside the Pixel 7 series and Pixel Watch. It wasn’t until I/O 2023 that Google provided any additional information about the final release, likely to fine-tune the software a bit more.

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