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What you need to know

  • Users have reported the back panel of their Pixel Watch is randomly falling off without any damage done to the device.
  • Reports state the watch has not gotten wet nor has it fallen which could point toward a problem with the product’s adhesive.
  • Google has yet to acknowledge this problem, however, this isn’t the first time a frustrating hardware problem has occurred.

Owners of Google’s first smartwatch are encountering quite the headscratcher of a problem. Users have taken to Reddit to report that the back panel of their Pixel Watch has curiously fallen off without much wear and tear on the device (via Android Police). Another thread popped up, along the same lines, which involve the back panel of the watch falling off after removing the device from its charging puck.

Many of the devices in question are anywhere between six to seven months old — others are even younger. For context, the Pixel Watch launched back in October 2022 and shipped out shortly thereafter. The issues don’t end here as even older Reddit threads reported the panel dropped off without much of an indication as to why. The user added they “don’t even swim or shower with it on.”

This just happened from r/PixelWatch

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