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What you need to know

  • Google’s new #BestPhonesForever highlights the differences between its Pixel 7 series and the latest iPhone 14 series.
  • Google highlights its ability to unblur photos, capture the night sky, and even its free VPN service to Pixel 7 owners.
  • The company also shows off its new Pixel Fold, a form factor Apple has yet to adopt.

Google woke up and chose violence today as the company started a new campaign to raise awareness about the difference between Pixels and iPhones. The company launched a new #BestPhonesForever campaign on Wednesday, with several videos to go along with it. In the series of five videos, we follow the friendship of a Google Pixel 7 Pro and last year’s iPhone 14 Pro

The two are simply living life, albeit with a spoonful of shade. One video highlights the things the Pixel can do that the iPhone wishes it could, with the Pixel 7 Pro at one point saying, “I can unblur your photos for you. We don’t have to tell anyone,” when the iPhone shows admiration for its sharp photos. Google also takes a small jab at Apple over its blue bubbles for text messaging, reminding us about the company’s unwillingness to incorporate RCS chats.

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