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Haven Studio, which was purchased by Sony last November, have revealed their first game, Fairgame$, a triple A multiplayer heist shooter.  Check out the trailer.

As you seen the game seems to be setting a group of young people against multi billionaires and they’re out to snaffle their cash. It’s a bit Watch Dogs, with lots of gadgets and guns. Unfortunately that is all that has been revealed about the game, the trailer is a cinematic so there’s no gameplay. If we get any more information we will update this post asap.

Fairgame$ is in development for PC and PlayStation 5, with no release date as of yet.

Haven was set up by Jade Raymond. one of the best-known known individuals in the games industry. Having been a producer and then executive producer through the early years of the Assassin’s Creed franchise, she went on to work on the first Watch Dogs before moving on from Ubisoft. In 2015 she founded Motive Studios at EA, intent on making Star Wars games in partnership with Visceral Games and Amy Hennig. We all know how that turned out, but Motive did craft the single player for Star Wars Battlefront II during her tenure and has become a core part of EA’s line up of studios, currently working on a Dead Space remake.

She left Motive and EA in late 2018, announcing in March 2019 that she was to be a vice president and head up Google’s Studios, Stadia Games and Entertainment. We all know how that went as well, so it was time for greener pastures once more in early 2021 and the fresh founding of Haven Studios in partnership with Sony.

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