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Amazon’s latest deals will get you big savings on the Hisense U8H QLED Series Quantum 4K ULED Mini-LED smart TV and more

Hisense is widely known for selling some of the most affordable televisions in the market that will also deliver quality images and great sound. And the best part is that they are constantly getting insane discounts over at Amazon.com, where you can now get a new 75-inch U8H QLED Series Quantum 4K ULED Mini-LED smart TV for just $1,398 after receiving a very compelling 33 percent discount.

Hisense U8H QLED Series Quantum 4K ULED Mini-LED Smart TV

Hisense U8H Series 4K ULED TV

$1398 $2100 Save $702

The Hisense U8H is one of the best budget smart TVs in 2022, and the U8H is one of the best options. The U8H features a Mini-LED 4K panel with 120Hz refresh rate, and it has Dolby Vision, Google Assistant, and Alexa built-in alongside your favorite streaming services. 


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The Hisense U8H QLED Series Quantum 4K ULED Mini-LED smart TV is one of the company’s best options on the market, as it arrives with a gorgeous 4K ULED display that will deliver up to 120Hz refresh rates. This model also includes Quantum Dot technology to produce more accurate, brilliant, and life-like colors than a regular LED TV. Not only that, but you also get excellent contrast with a peak brightness of 1,500 nits and a full array of local dimming zones to correctly reproduce HDR content. Your gaming sessions will also improve thanks to the TV’s Game Mode Pro, which will recognize gaming sequences to adjust settings for smooth and uninterrupted play automatically.


If you’re on a tight budget, you may also want to check out Hisense’s 50-inch ULED U6 Series Quantum Dot UHD Smart Fire TV, which now sells for $370 thanks to a 30 percent discount. It’s not the largest model out there, but it will be more than enough to help you enjoy your favorite content and games.

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