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To celebrate Pride month, Humble Games is offering players the chance to grab their Pixel Pride Bundle which features seven LGBTQ+ games.

Humble Games is offering players the chance to get their hands on some much-loved LGBTQIA+ games for Pride month. Their Pixel Pride Bundle consists of seven games and is available at any price. The price you choose to pay will be donated to The Trevor Project.

Get In The Car, Loser! (Credit: Christine Love)

Humble Games Pixel Pride Bundle Games

“Play with Pride all year long with this collection of vibrant, inclusive, awesome games featuring LGBTQ+ characters and themes along with games by LGBTQ+ creators!” The bundle information says via the official website.

The bundle will consist of Boyfriend Dungeon, Growing Up, Super Lesbian Animal RPG, Celeste, Later Alligator, BAD END THEATER and Get In The Car, Loser! 

Boyfriend Dungeon is a dungeon-crawler dating sim set in an urban fantasy setting. Growing Up is a life sim that follows you from toddler to adulthood and will allow you to choose who you end up dating. Next up is Super Lesbian Animal RPG which is a game about “love, anxiety and fighting funny looking monsters in dungeons.” 

Boyfriend Dungeon is just one of the games available in the Humble Games Pixel Pride Bundle
Credit: Kitfox Games

Celeste is a much-loved platformer game which allows you to play as Madeline, a young transgender girl. Later Alligator is a point-and-click adventure game that features non-binary queer character, Joanie. 

Next is BAD END THEATER, a puzzle visual novel game that has a host of ambiguously gendered characters. Last but not least, Get In The Car, Loser! Is an indie role-playing game that tells the story of “a lesbian road trip.”

Raise Money For Charity

At the time of writing, the Pixel Pride bundle has raised £9,590 for The Trevor Project. So if you wish to grab it, make sure to head here and donate any amount of money starting from just £5.61. 

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