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When it comes to Pokemon merchandise, you won’t often find me venturing beyond the ‘Plushies’ and ‘Trading Card Game’ sections of the Pokemon Centre website. That said, it has revealed a brand-new apparel collection inspired by Team Rocket and streetwear-style that has my bank account quivering.

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Pokemon apparel is fine if you like graphic t-shirts or Pokemon-embellished backpacks and socks, but it’s never massively appealed to me. Despite having a wide range of clothing to fill your basket with, I’ve found a lot of Pokemon apparel to feel too childish for my liking, and that’s not a knock to anyone currently sat wearing a Pikachu t-shirt. It just hasn’t ever appealed to my tastes.

The latest apparel collection to come from the Pokemon International Company, however, has changed my mind. The Team Rocket HQ apparel collection is streetwear-inspired; the clothes included are trendy but basic, with unisex silhouettes, and adorned with the Team Rocket ‘R’ and nothing else.

Featuring shorts, hats, shirts, hoodies, and bags, the collection features relaxed-fit clothing with utilitarian details. This means that the collection is basic enough to be mixed and matched easily to create an outfit that not only looks fashionable, but pays homage to Pokemon’s greatest villains, too!

The clothing is made up of Team Rocket’s signature colours of red, white, and black, again making it easier to throw together an outfit with the items. I honestly think I’m selling this collection more to myself as I’m writing this.

After all, anyone in the UK that spends £60 on an order containing one or more items from the collection will bag themselves a free Ekans Sitting Cutie Plush… and I really want an Ekans.

What do you reckon to the Team Rocket HQ collection? Are you as big a fan as I am, or not all that interested in this collection? Let us know!

If you fancy taking a look at some other merchandise, Silent Hill 2 teamed up with Online Ceramics a while back for a slightly controversial collection.

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