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What you need to know

  • Instagram has been spotted testing a new AI chatbot that aims to create a “fun and engaging experience” for users.
  • The new chatbot will apparently allow users to choose between 30 AI-based personalities.
  • Meta has previously talked about how it’s working on incorporating generative AI into its products.

A recent leak indicates that Instagram will probably integrate an AI chatbot into the app as others have recently done.

The leak comes from tipster Alessandro Paluzzi (via The Verge), who has shared a screenshot of what appears to be Instagram’s splash screen showing “Chat with an AI.” 

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Based on the screenshot, the new AI chatbot aims to bring a “fun and engaging experience” to Instagram users. The image highlights three significant things the new chatbot can do for users when it officially goes live. It apparently can be used to answer questions besides giving relevant advice to social media app users.

Instagram AI Agent

(Image credit: Alessandro Paluzzi)

The interesting and unique feature of the alleged chatbot could be an option to choose from a number of different personalities. The leaked splash screen says that users can “chat with 30 AI personalities and find which one you like best.”

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