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Riot Games has announced the latest champion coming to League of Legends. Here’s everything we know about Naafiri so far.

The latest League of Legend champion, Naafiri has been announced alongside a cinematic and gameplay trailer as well as a look at her abilities. With her being the third champion to arrive to the game this year, she’s set to bring a unique playstyle to the fray. 

Who is Naafiri?

So far, we know that Naafiri is a Darkin champion alongside current Darkins such as Rhaast, Aatrox, and Varus.

For Naafiri, she was once an Ascended – a demigod warrior tasked with serving the empire of Shurima. However, after a civil war broke out, rebels turned to the power of the Void. In order to stop this, Shurima sent out its Ascended to slay the enemies. 

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Although the Ascended won the battle, the Empire still fell and these warriors went rogue. They turned into Darkin – warriors who love bloodshed and wield blood magic. The only thing that could stop them was ancient heroes who imprisoned them within weapons and sealed them away.

Until now. 

For Naafiri, she found her power in the strength of a wolf pack which she is now able to wield on the battlefield. 

League of Legends Naafiri Release Date

There is no current release date for when Naafiri will be added to the game. With League being faced with quite a few delays this year, including with their Quick Play mode, a release date for the new champion may still be a bit longer.

However, we do have a full list of her abilities. 

Credit: Riot Games

Ability List

Passive – We Are More

Naafiri creates a Packmate after an amount of time that will attack enemies that she targets for physical damage, which is increased after she uses an ability. Hitting champions with abilities or killing enemies reduces this ability’s cooldown.

Q – Darkin Dagger

Naafiri hurls Darkin-tainted blades, dealing physical damage and inflicting a bleed for a few seconds. This ability may be recast. If enemies hit are already bleeding, instead deal the remaining bleed damage plus bonus physical damage and missing health physical damage. If the target was a champion, Naafiri restores some health.

Packmates will leap at the first target hit, prioritizing champions and attacking them for a few seconds.

W – Hounds’ Pursuit

After a brief delay, Naafiri dashes at an enemy, dealing physical damage and briefly slowing her target or the first champion she collides with. This ability gains range based on ultimate rank.

Packmates become untargetable and dash alongside Naafiri, dealing additional damage per Packmate.

E – Eviscerate

Naafiri surges forward, dashing and dealing physical damage to enemies she passes through, then explodes outward, dealing physical damage.

Packmates – Regroup! Packmates are pulled to Naafiri’s dash location and are healed in full.

R – Call of the Pack

Naafiri prepares to hunt, empowering her Packmates and spawning bonus Packmates for a short duration. Naafiri then gains a burst of out of combat move speed, vision, and the first time she hits an enemy champion, she gains a shield. On first champion takedown, all ultimate effects are refreshed.

So there you have it! If you want to learn more about Naafiri, you can check out the developer blog post here.

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