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Square Enix has announced it will release a day-one update for Final Fantasy 16, despite stating earlier this year the game wouldn’t need one.

News of the minor update was announced in a recent pre-release stream, which you can view below.

A day one update is in the works for Final Fantasy 16.

The update will be around 300MB and will fix progression issues, crashing, minor text issues, and optimize performance in several places.

A future update will address issues noted by players of the demo, including motion blur and the ability to turn it off, camera movement speed, an option to turn off auto-follow, and key bindings.

According to Final Fantasy 16 producer Naoki Yoshida, the update will be available for owners of the physical version, and digital owners can expect the update to be included with the pre-load files, or it will be ready before the game’s release.

Yoshida apologized for having to release the update but went on to say that if players do not apply the update, they will still be able to play the game, which means those without internet can still jump in.

In May, it was reported that game director Hiroshi Takai stated the game had been in the works for so long the team was confident FF16 would not need a day-one update.

Still, while minor, it is a day-one update, which is so commonplace these days that Square Enix honestly shouldn’t feel too ashamed.

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