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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 obviously takes place in New York once again, but Insomniac has shared that the map is double the size now.

When it comes to something like Marvel’s Spider-Man, making a sequel means you can’t exactly change the map – it is just set in the actually real city of New York, so there’s only so much you can change. Of course, that doesn’t mean you could explore the whole of New York in the first game, meaning there was room to expand upon it. And it expand upon it Insomniac has, as according to an interview with The Washington Post (paywall, thanks IGN), Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s creative director Bryan Intihar has said the map is “double the size,” compared to the first game.

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“In terms of the size of the city, it’s double the size compared to Spider-Man 1,” said Intihar. “When you play in Queens, there’s much more of a neighbourhood feel, smaller buildings, which is why the web wings work so well traversing in that area, where you can swing low to the ground if you want to, or you can fly through.”

You won’t just find Queens added into the game though, but Brooklyn too, with Intihar expanding upon how the map will be different from the first game in an interview with Famitsu (translations via Gematsu). “We’ve added Queens and Brooklyn this time, so roughly speaking the map size is about two times larger than the previous titles,” Initihar said. “Since these two areas are somewhat smaller and residential, I think you’ll find them different from Manhattan. We’ve prepared some unexpected situations we haven’t done before, like a battle on the river between two of the cities, so I hope you’ll look forward to them.”

Last week, Insomniac finally showed off an extended look at some gameplay from the upcoming sequel, notably revealing that Kraven the Hunter will be one of the main villains you’ll face off against in the game. It also showed us how Peter’s Spider-Man will play with his Venom suit, looking to be a lot more of a heavy hitter compared to Miles’ Spider-Man, who you’ll also be able to play as.

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