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The Game Boy Color released in 1998, and today marks the 52nd birthday of McDonald’s furry, purple mascot Grimace. So, what has McDonald’s decided to do with this information? Whip up some purple patties in his honour? No, the fast-food chain has done one better than that by releasing a video game all about Grimace’s Birthday shenanigans for the Game Boy Color.

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What’s the best game that features a 90s star?

Honestly, a much cooler move from McDonald’s than the competition to win one of its McCrispy Gaming Chairs late last year, and almost as cool as the chicken nugget-shaped Tetris handheld that McDonald’s released in China just last month.

The Grimace game, titled Grimace’s Birthday, has been developed by Krool Toys using GB Studio (via RetroDodo). If you’re hoping to give it a go but don’t have a Game Boy Color to hand, you can try the game on Krool Toys website or via mobile. Although not advertised by McDonalds as being one of the ways to play, those with a physical Game Boy Color, however, can download the game as a ROM file via the Internet Archive and play it on the go.

Grimace’s Birthday is a side-scrolling platformer that takes place on – you guessed it – Grimace’s Birthday. During the game, he’ll be collecting all of his friends (and plenty of milkshakes) just in time to blow out the candles on his birthday cake. You’ll also be cutting about on Grimace’s green skateboard, and can mess around with it to your hearts content in the Freeskate mode.

One look at Grimace’s Birthday and it’s plain to see that some real passion and effort has gone into developing this, and it’s generally just pleasant to see an all-new Game Boy Color game release in the year of 2023. Someone over at McDonald’s clearly has a keen eye for retro games media, and I hope they keep collaborations like this coming.

Those who are superfans of Grimace, or only care for McDonald’s burgers and fries, will be pleased to know that Grimace’s Birthday is accompanied by a Grimace’s Birthday Meal in selected McDonalds stores. This meal comes with a signature purple ‘Grimace Shake’ and your choice of Big Mac or 10 chicken nuggets. Perfect to accompany your time playing Grimace’s Birthday!

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