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Metro Last Light is going to be free to download on Steam for one week, it has been announced by 4A Games, to celebrate 10 years since its release. Anyone with a Steam account will be able to download the original Metro Last Light Complete Edition from May 18th to May 25th. All you have to do is claim it on the Metro Last Light Steam page when it goes live.

Metro Last Light is the sequel to Metro 2033 and the second game in the Metro trilogy, which is rounded out by Metro Exodus. It continues the story of Artyom, who is living in a Metro on the brink of war as the different stations face off, split between Communists, Nazis, and the Order. Artyom belongs to the Order.

In my review from 2013, I wrote, “Overall Metro: Last Light is a really good experience. There’s enough here for fans of action, stealth and survival to enjoy. Though the series seems to have moved on from being scary the majority of the time, it does this progression in a way that feels natural. Artyom is no longer the scared individual you saw in 2033, but instead a Ranger who tackles his mission, even though it can get tense. With a bit more work Last Light could have been close to a perfect game, but the few bugs it has do detract from the overall experience.”

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