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Microsoft Bing is no longer what it used to be. Thanks to the integration with OpenAI’s GPT model, the search engine has made a comeback no one could think of — some even argue that it is better than Google search in its current state. Building on this success, Microsoft has introduced new features to Bing Chat AI that give it an edge over competitors like ChatGPT and Google Bard. Here are five key upgrades that you will soon be able to experience on the upgraded Bing AI Chat:



1 Visual input and output

Bing AI image output

One of the major new additions to Bing AI is that the service is getting supports for more visually-rich answers. This means that the AI will now include images in the output for better understanding. And it doesn’t end here, Microsoft says the AI will be able to generate charts and graphs for a deeper understanding of the information users seek.

Similar to OpenAI’s GPT-4, Bing AI will also start accepting image as input. For example, you will be able to upload a picture of shoes your are interested in, and the AI will identify the specific model, where to purchase them, and provide suggestions. Additionally, Microsoft has expanded Bing Image Creator’s capabilities, making it available in over 100 languages.

2 Bing AI will now save your chat history and let you download them as well

One of the major differences between Bing AI and ChatPGT is that you can’t save your chats. This meant that meant users had to start from scratch each time they reloaded a conversation. This is changing, as Bing will soon support chat history, allowing users to pick up where they left off and return to previous conversations.

Moreover, Bing is introducing an export feature that will enable users to share their chats in Word and PDF formats. This functionality will make it easier for users to collaborate with others or use chat content for work purposes. However, at the launch, the export feature will not support export of photos or videos included the output.

3 New exclusive features for Edge that will make you switch

Bing AI chat sidebar

Microsoft is introducing a range of features to the Edge web browser designed to work seamlessly with Bing AI, and convince you to switch to the Microsoft browser. One of the new additions is that the Bing Chat will remain open in the sidebar, allowing you to continue your conversation while also browsing the web. Now, when you click on a link in the chat, the chat will move to the side rather than opening in a new tab.

AI-powered actions are also coming to Microsoft Edge. For example — this is what Microsoft shared — when you search for a specific movie on Edge, it will show you options in the chat sidebar and then play the movie you want from where it’s available. Similarly, typing a command such as “bring my passwords from another browser” will open up Edge’s browsing data settings page.

Additionally, Edge is also getting improved summarization and content generation capabilities. With just one click, you can now summarize a lengthy document or email. Microsoft is also enhancing the composition tool, allowing it to create drafts that suit your specific needs. You will now be able to provide feedback and tweak elements such as tone, length, phrasing, and more to perfect your drafts.

4 Third-party plugins

Just like ChatGPT, Bing AI will soon get access to third-party plugins. For example, with the OpenTable plugin, you will be able to ask Bing AI to reserve the table at the best restraint near your place at a specific time with just a single command. Similarly, you will be able to use Expedia plugin to book flights and hotels for your next trip using just Bing AI. Microsoft says it will unveil more information about plugins at its Build conference later this month.

5 No more signing up for the waitlist: Bing Chat AI is now available for everyone


Last but not the least, Microsoft has announced that Bing Chat AI is now in “Open Preview.” While the product is not yet in its final form, anyone with a Microsoft account can now access Bing AI without signing up for a waitlist. It is important to note, however, that the service can only be used with Microsoft’s Edge browser, unless you are willing to use third-party extensions to bypass this restriction.

The AI race is intensifying each passing month, and Microsoft has taken a significant step forward with its new features. While some of these features, such as visual input/output and third-party plugins, are also coming to ChatGPT soon, they come with a paywall. Microsoft’s decision to offer these features to everyone for free (at least for now) positions the Seattle-based company at the forefront of the AI race.

It also remains to be seen what Google has in store for us, as the company is rumored to be launching its own set of AI products at the I/O event later this month. In the meantime, do let us know what you think about the new Bing Chat AI features? Drop a comment down below and let us know!

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