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Microsoft has announced a new variant of its affordable Xbox Series S console. The new model features 1TB of storage compared to the 512GB on the standard model. The new model also has an all-black finish with a matching black controller that should make it visually distinguished from the 512GB model.

The 1TB Series S is priced at $349, $50 more than 512GB model, and will be available starting September 1.

Storage, in general, has been made more affordable for the Xbox Series consoles. Western Digital recently started offering expandable storage drives for these consoles, which start at $80 for the 512GB model and $150 for the 1TB model. Seagate has the same models for $90 and $150, respectively. The 1TB Seagate drive used to cost $220 and was the only option available for quite some time.

Aside from more storage options, Xbox is also getting a new controller and headset. These are designed in collaboration with Starfield, Bethesda’s upcoming open world action RPG. The new controller features a white and gray color scheme with red accents. The d-pad is finished in gold and the shoulder buttons are transparent. Meanwhile, the controller also features a white design with red headband and gold accents.

The controller is priced at $80 and the headset at $130. Both are available starting today.

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