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During Summer Game Fest 2023 this evening, we were give an a look at some new gameplay for Baldur’s Gate 3.

Check it out below.

The video shows Jason Isaacs as Lord Enver Gortash and J.K. Simmons as General Ketheric Thorm. Isaacs should look familair to you, because the English actor’s film roles include Colonel Tavington in The Patriot, Michael Steele in Black Hawk Down, and most famously, Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter films.

After the recent disappearance of Duke Ravengard, the city of Baldur’s Gate has turned to Lord Enver Gortash, the up-and-coming designer of the Steel Watchers – magical clockwork warriors created to defend the city. As the newly-minted protector of Baldur’s Gate, Gortash stands as one of the most powerful figures within its walls.

As players arrive at the city of Baldur’s Gate, they find themselves in the middle of a perilous power struggle, with many factions and powers vying for political control of this complex city. Isaacs’ character adds an additional layer of depth as a major antagonist to be contended with as you venture into the morally gray alleys and docklands of the game’s sprawling city.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is set to be released on August 31 for PC and PS5 and an Xbox version is in the works.

Preordering on PC now will automatically upgrade you to the Digital Edition for free. On PS5, preordering the Deluxe Edition will give you access to 72hrs Early Access and many other goodies.

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