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Without any warning, last night saw Nintendo announce the upcoming release of brand-new pastel coloured Joy-Cons for Nintendo Switch.

When most of the world was asleep, Nintendo came out of nowhere with the reveal of their brand-new Joy-Con collection. This new set will be available in pastel purple, pastel green, pastel pink and pastel yellow. With the current Joy-Cons being either very bright or very dark, this will be a nice middle-ground. 

Nintendo Reveal New Pastel Coloured Joy-Cons

“Kick off your summer in style with this new line of pastel Joy-Con controllers, available 6/30. Which color is your fave?” Nintendo announced via Twitter.

Both sets will launch on June 30 which incidentally, is also the release date of their upcoming Everybody 1-2 Switch game. The sequel was also released out-of-the-blue last night and will be the perfect party game for the summer. 

Featuring a bunch of team-based games, Everybody 1-2 Switch will feature a “mix of games and modes to keep you on your toes.” Go head-to-head with an opposing team and see who comes out on top. 

The Prices

As you can see, the pastel Joy-Cons will be the same price as the standard ones which is around the £70 mark for a pair. However, there is no doubt you can find them cheaper if you shop around. 

“The world needs more pastel-colored things” says one Twitter user and that seems to be the consensus for the new additions to the Joy-Con family. 

“PURPLE AND GREEN. TAKE MY MONEY,” shouted another.

So there you have it, Nintendo has you sorted for the summer with brand new pastel controllers and a party game. Don’t say they never treat you.

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