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Once Blizzard removed the Auction House from Diablo 3 and adjusted in-game drop rates, the public’s opinion on the game shifted. Unfortunately, the celebrated ARPG never got the post-launch content it deserved.

This is something Blizzard is hoping to correct with Diablo 4, and the studio already has a plan in place for new seasons, as well as the more traditional meaty expansions.

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It’s going to take you a while to explore every corner of Diablo 4’s open world.

In an interview with Kinda Funny Games, Diablo general manager, Rod Fergusson, confirmed that the studio is already working on not one, but two expansions for Diablo 4. That is all aside from the seasonal content, of course, something new for Diablo.

“We have to build things in parallel,” Fergusson explained. “We’re about to launch the main game, we’re finishing up Season One, we’re working on Season Two, we’re working on Expansion One, we’re kicking off Expansion Two – all that is happening right now.”

This is the first time Blizzard spoke about Diablo 4 post-launch content beyond season passes. The developer said to expect the first season sometime in July, and for every season to last about a quarter of a year, to give casual players a chance to catch up.

The type of content included in each season, however, remains the biggest mystery. That said, Fergusson revealed that each season will bring new narrative content that moves the story forward, and introduce players to the season’s new mechanics.

So far, Blizzard is making use of Diablo 4’s live service well enough. While the game’s store is already live, with prices that are about as egregious as you’d expect from free-to-play games, the developer has quickly rolled out two patches alongside server-side fixes.

If this is the cadence we should to expect from the developer, it bodes well for the future of the game. The link at the very top will take you to our many Diablo 4 guides, such as how to get a mount, where to find all Lilith Altars, these crucial gameplay tips and many more.

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