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OnePlus today announced a limited-edition OnePlus 11 Marble Odyssey for the Indian market. This variant is essentially a rebranded version of the OnePlus 11 Jupiter Rock edition for China that we have covered in the past.

OnePlus 11 Marble Odyssey limited-edition announced for India

Just to reiterate what this particular edition is, the phone uses a material that OnePlus calls 3D microcrystalline rock for the back panel. We are not sure what the exact chemical composition of this material is but OnePlus claims that it is difficult to make with 25% production efficiency of the standard glass panels and only 50% of its yield.

The unique aspects of this material are its pattern and texture. Each panel is hand selected and has its own unique pattern distinct from others, ensuring no two phones will look alike. The material is also naturally cool to the touch. Aside from that, the Marble Odyssey/Jupiter Rock is identical to the standard OnePlus 11.

The Marble Odyssey limited-edition will only be available in the 16/256GB configuration and is priced at INR 64,999, INR 3000 more than the standard model. You do, however, get a pair of OnePlus Buds Z2 free with the Marble Odyssey.

No release date has been announced so far.

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