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The max level in Diablo 4 is 100. If you play the game normally, with a mix of story and side missions, you’re probably going to finish the main campaign at around 40-45, which means your character has more than as many levels to reach.

So how many people actually made it all the way to level 100? According to Blizzard, only 6,263 so far.

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Rookie numbers!

Reaching level 100 is a major milestone for a number of reasons. For one, levelling up slows down considerably after you reach level 50. The halfway point is when you unlock the Paragon Board, which basically means you’ll be spending the rest of your journey build-crafting and refining, as much of the focus on unlocks would already already over.

Still, 6,263 seems a little small for Blizzard’s fastest-selling game ever, and one that (likely) sold millions. Far fewer people reached level 100 on Hardcore Mode, the game’s perma-death mode: 163 players. That’s why the race to reach level 100 in Hardcore was a big moment.

Of course, the game only became available on June 1 (if you paid for the more expensive editions), and June 6 for the general public. No matter how many power-levelling methods you follow, there’s simply not enough time for players with jobs/family and other commitments.

Setting aside real-world obligations, there’s been a growing sentiment amongst the community that Diablo 4 simply gets too grindy post-level 50. There’s also worry that when seasons launch, it could take players way too long to reach higher levels for the journey to be exciting.

We’ll find out if Blizzard will be making any changes to the levelling curve when the first season goes live sometime in mid-late July.

In other news, Diablo 4 has made more than $666 million in sales so far.

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