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It’s another lovely PlayStation Showcase sort of night, and the new game announcements are coming thick and fast. The latest? Phantom Blade O, a brutal action-adventure with a penchant for samurai action, with a hint of steampunk and mysticism. This reveal trailer looks amazing, and it’s heading to PS5.

Breaking things down, we have our central protagonist. He’s got grey hair, but he’s totally not Geralt as he’s got a samurai hat on. Seemingly, the outlook for our guy isn’t particularly good as he’s only got 66 days to live. That appears to be because some blighter has stolen his heart. He’s got to go on a quest to retrieve it, and, wouldn’t you know it, chop a bunch of bad-guys up along the way.

There’s hints of Nioh, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, and I suppose Ghost of Tsushima in here, with the sword-heavy action looking to include plenty of dodging, blocking and parrying, while there’s even a spot of running away in there as well. The character designs look very cool, and the mechanised weaponry of the bosses brings a different flavour to proceedings. There’s also an interesting bit of multi-parrying more than one enemy at a time.

Coming from Cruel Man Studio, Phantom Blade 0 looks like it’s one to keep an eye on, so stay locked to TheSixthAxis for more as we get it!

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