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Kinetic Games’ paranormal survival game Phasmophobia is finally coming to consoles later this year. Here’s everything we know so far. 

First released to PC back in 2020, Phasmophobia has become a firm favourite of friend groups wanting to cause some chaos and hunt some ghosts. With the goal to find and correctly identify spirits using a bunch of equipment, it is a guaranteed spookfest. 

Now for the first time, Kinetic has announced that they will be launching the game on consoles later this year during Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase Extended stream.

Phasmophobia Is Coming To Consoles

This news comes courtesy of a new announcement trailer showing the game we all know and love. However, the main difference is that this will now be able to be experienced by players on console when it arrives on early access in 2023. 

YouTube video

The survival horror game will arrive on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5 and PSVR 2 in August. This will include all 24 ghost types and 10 hunting locations. Additionally, Phasmophobia will be available for cross-play so console and PC friends can now experience the fear together. 

Not only that but it is worth remembering that the game has VR support if you’re feeling brave enough. With the spirits having the ability to whisper in your ears and start tracking you down, it will definitely be an interesting experience for both the VR and PSVR 2. 

Not Long To Wait

Phasmophobia on console will be arriving sometime this August however we are yet to receive a date. However, with June flying by, it won’t be long before you can team up with three friends and start your hunt. 

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