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Nintendo promised fans that we’d be seeing more Pikmin 4 at today’s Nintendo Direct, and it wasn’t joking. The Nintendo Direct unveiled that a Pikmin 4 demo will be hitting the Nintendo Switch eShop on Friday, 30 June alongside a new trailer.

If you weren’t too sure on whether Pikmin 4 would be right for you, you’ll have three whole weeks to try the demo out before the game releases on July 21. That’s plenty of time to recruit some carrot-like creatures to help you on this mysterious planet, the friendly but strange pup Oatchi, plus the newly-discovered Ice Pikmin and Glow Pikmin for us to recruit! These Glow Pikmin will be particularly helpful in helping us explore at night, which we can now do!

Pikmin 4 will have some fancy features according to its download cards that have been emerging in Japan, including split-screen multiplayer, and a house we can actually explore the interior of. It’s not certain whether the demo will actually allow us to test multiplayer or check out the pristine house, but we know one things for sure, we’ll be kicking off a grand mission with the help of Pikmin.

The new trailer showed off exactly how we’d be recruiting Pikmin to help us, and how Oatchi will also help us out with traversing the planet and taking on troublesome creatures. Over time, players will unlock new areas, including the mysterious house we’re all eager to go inside, and an underground area that hides more treasures and castaways that we’ll need to rescue.

As for that green Oatchi we’ve all been talking about, it appears he’s up to some trouble on this planet, stealing castaways we’ll have rescued. That’s okay, though, because with the help of our Pikmin, we’ll be able to rescue them and unlock new features and rewards as a result!

Those keen to try out Pikmin will also be able to play HD versions of both Pikmin 1 and 2 on the Nintendo Switch eShop from today, while we wait the Pikmin 4 demo’s release next week.

Will you be picking up the Pikmin 4 demo on June 30, or waiting for the game’s release? Let us know, and tell us what you’re most excited to see!

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