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Sony teased a handful of new PlayStation hardware developments during the PlayStation Showcase, including Project Q, a new game streaming handheld device that will tie in with your PS5 via remote play.

Sadly this is not a true successor to the PlayStation Portable or PlayStation Vita, with the handheld not seemingly set to feature the hardware to run games locally. Instead it will be tied specifically to the PlayStation 5, allowing you to play PS5 games off TV via remote play.

Project Q will feature an 8″ HD screen and all the other bits of a DualSense controller, so you can get the full PS5 experience. Think of it as a PS5 Wii U gamepad (thanks Jesse for the joke).

It’s all a bit of a strange announcement, but has potential to expand beyond this humble beginning point. Sony’s game streaming systems aren’t as advanced as the likes of GeForce Now or Xbox Game Pass, but if Sony makes a push to try to catch up, this controller’s feature set could be expanded.

More details will be coming soon.

Sony also announced their first gaming oriented PlayStation earbuds, decked out in the now familiar PlayStation two-tone black and white design.

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